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Welcome to pointclickcare-login.com. PointClickCare has supported more than twelve thousand parenting care providers. You can manage your business efficiently by using cloud-based platforms. Keep a high percentage of loyalty levels, although subscription models keep your customers free at all times. Your elder care team can easily document all maintenance tasks through computers, mobile phones or kiosks. The login.pointclickcare system manages one main document for each resident. Increased access to major health information enhances and speeds up the decision-making process.

PointClickCare Login on PC

Prepare your device, If you access your PointClickCare CNA Login online account using a computer device, you can perform this procedure.

  1. First, you should get connection intent on your computing device. Once your device is connected, open your web browser and find Point Click Care.
  2. Next you will receive the online login page from PointClickCare customer account. Once you have the login page, paste the username of your PointClickCare Login account into the first option. After that, you must enter the correct password from your online account and click on login option.

After completing these steps then you will be directed to your Point Click Care Login account. This online account contains many useful options and you can get all these options at any time on your computer.

Login Error Massage

  • Unable to connect to the user database. You are using the wrong code in the organization.
  • Invalid username or password – you can enter a wrong username or password. Check again.
  • You can not log in from your current location “xx.xx.xx.xx“. You can try to access the PointClickCare account from a location that has not been authorized by the system administrator at PointClickCare. Check Admin » Settings » Setup IP Address Mask.
  • Your sign-up has been suspended – you may have violated the rights of users in PointClickCare. Contact your administrator to gain access to your PointClickCare online account.
  • The maximum number of login attempts for this IP address has been exceeded. Please wait at least 5-15 minutes to make another login attempt.
    If you can not find a solution in your PointClickCare online account, you can send your problem to the e-mail address (helpdesk@pointclickcare.com) to get the solution.

Learn how to use your online account to gain access to your PointClickCare customer by using smart devices and platforms. If you have a major issue with PointClickCare’s online account, you can leave a comment in the comments section.

Check your adressbar before login, you can not login in this site. For general inquiries about login to pointclickcare, you can email via info@pointclickcare.com. if you need technical support, send your problem to official mail support@pointclickcare.com. You can call the number 905-858-8885 or by using the 1-800-277-5889 toll free number. You can also use the 905-858-2248 fax number. Thank you

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